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Why Psalm 139:14 Never Worked For Me (and What I Know Now) with Heather Creekmore

Have you ever confided in someone on a bad body image day only to get this response: “Hey, just remember you’re fearfully and wonderfully made!” Why is it that this scripture doesn’t seem to help for more than 15 seconds, or sometimes, not at all? In this episode, I brought on my sweet friend, Heather Creekmore, a Christian author and host of the Compared to Who podcast, who led us in diving deeper into this beautiful piece of Scripture! She shared: 

  •  Why Psalm 139:14 never worked for her
  •  What she knows NOW that is making a lasting impact on her body image  

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I Know, I Know! But…

When you hear Psalm 139:14, do you ever give this response ?

What do we do when we KNOW that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but that truth doesn’t seem to cut it for us? Heather was in the same boat. Growing up in a Christian...

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Food Has No Calories: Nutritional Biochemistry Revealed

Food. Has. No. Calories.

What ?! Yes, friend, you read that correctly.

Today, I’m going to break down some major misconceptions that the diet industry is dying to convince you of. This simple explanation of how your body actually works might be the key you need to stop obsessing over that infamous number on the nutrition facts label. So, if you pour loads of mental and physical energy into counting or burning calories, it’s time to take back that precious time and finally learn the truth. 

Lessons From Greg

I had a client (we’re calling him Greg), who struggled with food obsession and overeating since his pre-teen years. As we went through his food-related thoughts and behaviors in session, he told me that he had hung up a chart in his home that contained lots of “healthy” things that he thought he should be doing.

One, specifically, had to do with calories.

He decided that having a low-calorie diet was “healthy”, but it only...

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How to Start Seeing Your Body as Good When It Doesnโ€™t Feel That Way with Jennifer Taylor Wagner

How much weight do you carry?...

I’m not asking about the number on your digital scale, but about the burden you carry because you never think your body is good enough.

Today, I’m sharing the mic with my friend and fellow-podcaster, Jennifer Taylor Wagner, to help you answer the question: “how do I see my body as good, even when it doesn’t feel that way?” Jennifer shares:

  • Her own body image battle that began in Kindergarten and bled into her adulthood
  • Tips to break the scale’s power over you
  • How you can begin the journey of body-trust when your body doesn’t seem trustworthy
  • What it means for your body to be GOOD, and you can see it as such—just the way it is, right now.

Jennifer’s Story

Growing up, Jennifer’s body was bigger than most of the bodies around her. As a result, she was mocked and bullied from Kindergarten onward. The negative comments she received scarred her and eventually became part of her...

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The Real Reason We Love Diets ( and How to Let Them Go) With Chrissy Kirkman

Ask yourself this question: "What makes dieting so attractive to me?"

I’ve found that, when it all boils down, diets feel safe because we don’t have to make our own decisions. If we follow all the rules and the diet causes chaos, fails to bring the promised results, or makes us feel miserable, we're not the one to blame—the diet is. 

In episode 6 of The Joy-Filled Eater Podcast, we’re hanging out with Chrissy Kirkman, executive director of FINDINGbalance and the host of the Old School Food Freedom Podcast, and we’re going to help you navigate:

  • Decision fatigue and menu planning when you’re no longer dieting
  • How to decide what to eat when nothing sounds good
  • ‍ Why you may be having trouble letting dieting go for GOOD
  • Strategies that you can use NOW to simplify weekly menu planning

Wait, What's Decision Fatigue?  

Decision fatigue is exactly what it sounds like: becoming exhausted from making decisions. It sounds strange,...

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The 4 Types of Body Image

Do you ever feel like your body image journey is going nowhere, no matter how hard you try? Throughout my career, I’ve heard so many women repeat the same thing: “I wish I didn’t think about my body so much, and I want to see it in a more positive light.” If that’s you right now, this episode is most certainly for you, friend. Today, I’m going to show you the #1 reason your body image might not be improving, the 4 different types of body image that you might struggle with, and action steps you can take to break free from negative body image. 

First, A Lesson From My Teenage Driving Mistake :

Back when I was a brand-new driver in high school, I made a HUGE mistake that could have gotten me into a ton of trouble. Being an efficiency-loving 15-year-old, I tried to drive my new champagne-gold Camry with both feet. (Have you ever tried to drive like that?) Here's what happened...

One day, I was sitting in my car in a nearly-empty church...

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How Food Freedom Can Positively Impact You Hormone Heath (And Fertility!) with special guest, Olivia Wagner

Have you ever felt completely energy-depleted after a full night’s sleep or gone crazy around a certain type of food when you thought you were "in control"? If so, keep reading! Symptoms like these and more might be your body telling you that your hormone health is out-of-whack and needs some support. Today, my good friend Olivia Wagner and I are talking about:

  • How to know if your hormones are out-of-whack
  • How to ditch temporary band-aid fixes 
  • And steps you can take NOW to start balancing your hormones for improved menstrual health, reduced stress response, and a better chance for a healthy pregnancy


But first, let's get to know Olivia:

About Functional Dietitian: Olivia Wagner

Olivia is a functional dietitian who specializes in issues such as PCOS, period problems, and infertility. She helps women just like you discover and address root causes of their health challenges with personalized nutrition, realistic lifestyle support, advanced lab testing,...

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Dealing With Diet Culture in the Church

Have you ever been triggered by negative body or food-related comments made in the pulpit or a Bible study, but didn’t know how to react? If so, this post is for you! Today, I’m going to show you 4 ways diet culture can show up in the “big C church” and offer 3 strategies to battle it.

Before we jump in, I want you to know that questions are super valuable in the study of God’s word. If we don’t ask hard questions and lay Bible teaching against the truth of God’s word, we are letting someone else be our Bible. People don’t always get it right; that’s why I always encourage you to bring what you hear in this podcast and blog to the Lord in prayer and filter it through Biblical truth! Don’t get me wrong—the church is absolutely essential for spiritual maturity and development, but it is also crucial that we dig into the Word ourselves! 

Before we can overcome diet culture in the church, we have to be able to...

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7 Signs You May Have A Disordered Relationship With Food


Have You Ever Wondered…

How do you know if you have a disordered relationship with food or your body, and when do you need to reach out for help? You’re about to learn 7 signs that you might have a disordered relationship with food and be introduced to a common misconception that SO many women have towards determining whether or not they need help. Get prepared to be challenged and identify some habits that are not serving you or your health journey so that you can discover true health and your identity in Christ!

But first, let’s start with that common misconception:

“I Don’t Struggle With Disordered Eating Because Of My Body Size.”

This is a HUGE LIE from the enemy that SO many women fall into. Your body size has nothing to do with validating whether or not you struggle with disordered eating! Read that sentence again if you need to. Diet culture wants you to believe that struggling with food and your body is “just...

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14 Experts Share Their BEST Tips for Navigating Food Freedom & Body Image at Christmas

Holiday Foods Got You Feeling Stressed?

If you’re a woman who feels stressed or anxious about eating a bit differently than normal over the Christmas season and wants to actually enjoy the food without feeling anxious or controlled by it, you, my friend, are in the right place. 

So, instead of getting frustrated or stressed out, I want to help you enjoy and make the most of this Christmas season when it comes to your relationship with food and body image. 

If you want to better navigate your food freedom journey with peace this Christmas, these 14 tidbits from non-diet experts are here to help! 

Here are 14 different tips and strategies from experts all across the U.S., to help you navigate food freedom and body image this Christmas.

14 Food Freedom & Body Image Tips You Need To Hear This Christmas

Tip #1: “When/if you revert to old habits of guilt and shame while enjoying food at parties, remember Jesus modeled fellowship while eating and we should...

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A Controversial Conversation About Gluttony That Could Free You From Shame

Hey there, food freedom seeker! Welcome to the very first episode of The Joy-Filled Eater Podcast. I'm Brittany Braswell, your food freedom and body image coach, and we're about to dive into a topic that's been a bit hush-hush: Gluttony. We're here to spill the beans and debunk some common misconceptions, so stick around.


Misconceptions About Gluttony

You've probably heard some doozies about gluttony, like "You should eat to live, not live to eat" or "Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins" (which, by the way, isn't even in the Bible). And let's not forget the classic, "You should just have more self-control and willpower." But guess what? Those shame-inducing comments don't solve squat when it comes to your relationship with food.

Let me drop a truth bomb . Gluttony isn't just about scarfing down too much grub. There's a myriad reasons why someone might eat a large amount of food or feel like they've lost control around certain foods. Take 'Sharon', for instance....

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