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The 4 Types of Body Image

Do you ever feel like your body image journey is going nowhere, no matter how hard you try? Throughout my career, I’ve heard so many women repeat the same thing: “I wish I didn’t think about my body so much, and I want to see it in a more positive light.” If that’s you right now, this episode is most certainly for you, friend. Today, I’m going to show you the #1 reason your body image might not be improving, the 4 different types of body image that you might struggle with, and action steps you can take to break free from negative body image. 

First, A Lesson From My Teenage Driving Mistake :

Back when I was a brand-new driver in high school, I made a HUGE mistake that could have gotten me into a ton of trouble. Being an efficiency-loving 15-year-old, I tried to drive my new champagne-gold Camry with both feet. (Have you ever tried to drive like that?) Here's what happened...

One day, I was sitting in my car in a nearly-empty church...

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