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Dealing With Diet Culture in the Church

Have you ever been triggered by negative body or food-related comments made in the pulpit or a Bible study, but didn’t know how to react? If so, this post is for you! Today, I’m going to show you 4 ways diet culture can show up in the “big C church” and offer 3 strategies to battle it.

Before we jump in, I want you to know that questions are super valuable in the study of God’s word. If we don’t ask hard questions and lay Bible teaching against the truth of God’s word, we are letting someone else be our Bible. People don’t always get it right; that’s why I always encourage you to bring what you hear in this podcast and blog to the Lord in prayer and filter it through Biblical truth! Don’t get me wrong—the church is absolutely essential for spiritual maturity and development, but it is also crucial that we dig into the Word ourselves! 

Before we can overcome diet culture in the church, we have to be able to...

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