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14 Experts Share Their BEST Tips for Navigating Food Freedom & Body Image at Christmas

Holiday Foods Got You Feeling Stressed?

If you’re a woman who feels stressed or anxious about eating a bit differently than normal over the Christmas season and wants to actually enjoy the food without feeling anxious or controlled by it, you, my friend, are in the right place. 

So, instead of getting frustrated or stressed out, I want to help you enjoy and make the most of this Christmas season when it comes to your relationship with food and body image. 

If you want to better navigate your food freedom journey with peace this Christmas, these 14 tidbits from non-diet experts are here to help! 

Here are 14 different tips and strategies from experts all across the U.S., to help you navigate food freedom and body image this Christmas.

14 Food Freedom & Body Image Tips You Need To Hear This Christmas

Tip #1: “When/if you revert to old habits of guilt and shame while enjoying food at parties, remember Jesus modeled fellowship while eating and we should...

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