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How Food Freedom Can Positively Impact You Hormone Heath (And Fertility!) with special guest, Olivia Wagner

Have you ever felt completely energy-depleted after a full night’s sleep or gone crazy around a certain type of food when you thought you were "in control"? If so, keep reading! Symptoms like these and more might be your body telling you that your hormone health is out-of-whack and needs some support. Today, my good friend Olivia Wagner and I are talking about:

  • How to know if your hormones are out-of-whack
  • How to ditch temporary band-aid fixes 
  • And steps you can take NOW to start balancing your hormones for improved menstrual health, reduced stress response, and a better chance for a healthy pregnancy


But first, let's get to know Olivia:

About Functional Dietitian: Olivia Wagner

Olivia is a functional dietitian who specializes in issues such as PCOS, period problems, and infertility. She helps women just like you discover and address root causes of their health challenges with personalized nutrition, realistic lifestyle support, advanced lab testing,...

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