Here are a few of the resources I recommend to help you on your food freedom journey!

Faith Over Fear (eBook)

Brittany Braswell, RD

Intuitive Eating 

Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch

Food Freedom Bible Study

(small group curriculum)

Body Bloved

Lasting Freedom Courses


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Faith-centered Food Freedom Shows

  • The Joy-Filled Eater Podcast -- hosted by Brittany Braswell, MS, RDN, LD (*yours truly ūüėČ)
  • Intuitive Eating for Christian Women -- hosted by Char-Lee Cassel, MS, RDN, ACSM-CEP & Erin Todd
  • Compared to Who? -- hosted by Heather Creekmore
  • The Joyful Health Show -- hosted by Kasey Shuler
  • Redefining Health -- hosted by Victoria Yates
  • The Intuitive Eating with Jesus Podcast --¬†hosted by Nyla Wiebe
  • Wonderfully Made -- hosted by Allie Marie Smith
  • Old School Food Freedom Podcast -- hosted by Chrissy Kirkman and FINDINGbalance

Other ED Recovery Shows

  • Peace Meal -- hosted by¬†Jillian Lampert
  • ED Matters -- hosted by Kathy Cortese
  • The Full and Thriving Podcast -- hosted by Meg McCabe
  • Food Psych -- hosted by Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN

Podcasts to Fuel Your Faith

  • She Lives Purposefully -- hosted by Megan Holmes
  • Daily Grace -- hosted by The Daily Grace Co.
  • We're Going There -- hosted by Bianca Olthoff
  • Confessions of a Crappy Christian -- hosted by The Girl Named Blake
  • Journeywomen -- hosted by Hunter Beless

Books, Bible Studies, & Events


Intuitive Eating -- by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch

Grace, Food & Everything in Between  -- by Aubrey Golbek

Compared to Who? -- by Heather Creekmore

The Burden of Better -- by Heather Creekmore

Diet Detox (a 30-day devotional) -- by Body Bloved

Anti-Diet -- by Christy Harrison

Breaking Free from Body Shame -- by Jess Connolly

Unworthy Weight -- by Kristin Williams, CEDRD 


Bible Study & Courses:

Beyond Your Body

  • This is our biblical body image course designed to help you improve your body image and feel more confident in yourself and your body.

The Joy-Filled Eater Course

  • Our students all time favorite course for taking a Christ-centered approach to food freedom and better body image

The Nourishing Menus Workshop

  • A 3-hr masterclass-style workshop geared to help you use the principles of gentle nutrition to create easy-to-plan weekly home menus and grocery lists in under and hour a week

Food Freedom Bible Study Small Group Curriculum -- by Body Bloved

Lasting Freedom Courses -- FINDINGbalance



In His Image Body Image Conference 2023

In His Image Body Image Conference 2022

*Some resources may include affiliate links.

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