Are you a faith-driven woman who wants to heal from an eating disorder without living with anxiety for the rest of your life?


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Learn how to overcome negative self-talk, so you can start appreciating yourself (and your body!) for the masterpiece you are!

Maybe you've heard that journaling whatever is on your mind in the moment is an effective coping skill.

But doing this can cause you to either spiral into more negative self-talk or leave you overwhelmed trying to figure out how to take your thoughts captive.

As a woman of God, you can't expect that the Enemy is going to back down in the middle of a spiritual battle.

I promise... it doesn't have to be this way!

Download my FREE Perfectly Imperfect Journal and I'll provide you with some very specific journal prompts that will help you reduce your negative self-talk in the moment and learn to replace those negative beliefs with spiritual truth about who are you in Christ.

As a faith-driven woman, you deserve to see yourself the way the Lord sees you. By following along with this journal, you'll finally be able to stop the disordered thought train so you can take your thoughts captive and be better equipped to fight off urges to engage in disordered behaviors!

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You deserve to win the battle against ED!

Hi, I'm Brittany. I'm a Registered Dietitian and nutrition coach with a passion for helping women ditch diet culture and kick their ED to the curb for good!

I help faith-driven women who struggle with food and body image issues reduce their anxiety and disordered behaviors so that they can confidently restore their health and ditch food rules forever.

Unlike other approaches that only focus on food habits, I help my clients replace negative beliefs with spiritual truth to discover their God-given identity without their eating disorder.

In this free journal, I'll give you some fresh tools to help you take your thoughts captive and get that anxiety-provoking ED voice out of your head.

Let's do this!