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Faith Over Fear: Ditch Food Rules & Nourish Your Body Without Guilt

Learn the 10 core principles of intuitive eating through a biblical lens so you can stop believing the diet culture lies and start honoring the body the Lord gifted to you. 

Inside Faith Over Fear you'll discover...

...How you were CREATED FOR MORE than diet culture

...How intuitive you are or are not (yet!)

...An overview of the 10 principles of intuitive eating and how scripture aligns with each one

...Why ditching diet culture matters and how YOU can find freedom from food rules

...Your next steps to becoming a confident, faith-filled, intuitive eater

Food rules and negative body image don't have to rule your thought life anymore!

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You deserve to live a life free from the bondage of disordered eating!

Hey, I'm Brittany!  I'm a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping women break free from food rules while growing stronger in their faith.

I help faith-driven women who struggle with food and body image issues reduce their anxiety and disordered behaviors so that they can confidently restore their health and ditch food rules forever.

Unlike other approaches that only focus on food-related habits, I help my clients replace negative beliefs with spiritual truth to discover their God-given identity (without their eating disorder).

In this free resource, you get the exact strategies I’ve used with dozens of faith-centered women to start shifting their mindset from weight loss and start dieting to honoring and caring for the amazing body they’ve been given.

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