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Woman of God...

Are you ready to feel more confident in your body?

Learn how to overcome negative body image, so you can live your life without constantly striving to find your worth in your weight or shape!



Does this sound like you?

  • You're sick of always worrying about what you like look and what other people might think of you.

  • You want to feel confident in your body, but the only way you think that can be achieved is by changing your body.

  • You find yourself avoiding social events because you're uncomfortable in your skin.

  • You feel like a failure because no one else seems to struggle this much.

  • You're always looking in the mirror and adjusting your makeup, hair, or clothing.

  • You push yourself to "be good" and diet or exercise in the hopes of achieving your ideal body.

  • You're sure that losing those last __ lbs. will finally give you the confidence you've been striving for.

It doesn't have to be this way! 

Imagine if...

... you no longer felt the need to compare your body with the woman next to you.

... the way you felt about your body wasn't conditional based on how you look today.

... you could actually appreciate and accept your body in a way that keeps it from being a distraction.


... you could take 5 minutes to grab an outfit and get dressed instead of wasting 45 minutes (or more!) trying on everything in your closet.

... you were able to consistently care for your body well, even on your hard days.

... you could go all day without having the urge to keep looking in the mirror to "fix" something.

... you had the tools you need to challenge the lies you've been believing about you and your body.

... you could grow closer in your walk with the Lord instead of keeping Him at arm's length in the area of body image.

Want to make this your reality?

Beyond Your Body is your roadmap to overcoming your negative body image so that you can finally stop obsessing over your body and start being present with friends and family.

Freedom from negative body image is possible.



👍🏻 This course is a GREAT fit for you if…

• You're tired of obsessive body thoughts and ready to be present in your life again.

 You're prepared to make lasting mindset and behavioral changes to promote a sustainable improvement in body image.

 You're open to a Christ-centered, biblical approach to body image renewal.

• You take responsibility for your own results and understand that no program or course will work unless YOU do!


❌ It might NOT a good fit if…

• You currently require significant weight restoration or a higher level of care for an eating disorder

• Scripture would be triggering or offensive to you

• Self-paced learning feels overwhelming or difficult

Meet Your Coach

👋 Hey, I'm Brittany!

I help Christian women who struggle with food and body image issues reduce their anxiety and disordered behaviors so they can confidently restore their health and ditch food rules forever.

Unlike other approaches that only focus on food-related habits, I help my clients replace negative beliefs with spiritual truth to rediscover their God-given identity so they can stop obsessing about how they look or what they eat.

As a Registered Dietitian, I've successfully helped more than a hundred women reduce or eliminate their disordered behaviors, create consistency in their meal pattern, discover the roots of their anxiety around food and body, and grow closer to the Lord in the process.

I created this course to help women struggling with negative body image eliminate destructive behaviors like negative self-talk, comparison, and social isolation and start appreciating and caring for the body they've been gifted.

It's time to kick your negative body image to the curb, together!

- Brittany Braswell, MS, RDN, LD

💻 What does the course include?

This self-paced course includes 6 core modules to help reduce (or eliminate!) negative body image thoughts and behaviors while helping you cultivate appreciation and acceptance for the gift your body truly is.

MODULE 0 - Welcome & Introduction to Course Content

This welcome module will guide you through the purpose of and processes inside Beyond Your Body.

MODULE 1 - Body Idolatry & Comparison

In order to improve body image, you first have to recognize when your body acts as an idol in your life.  Then, you'll learn how to embrace uniqueness and eliminate comparison.

MODULE 2 - Rules & Rituals

Discover more about how your body image is impacting you, your environment, and your relationships on a day-to-day basis.

MODULE 3 - The Missing Piece

Uncover one of the biggest pieces missing when trying to repair a negative body image and learn to implement it on your recovery journey.

MODULE 4 - Break Up with Body Checking

Pinpoint the purposes behind your body checking habits and gain effective tools and strategies for reducing and eliminating body checking for good! 

MODULE 5 - Nourish Your Body, Soul, & Spirit

Start stewarding your body well right now through nutrition, rest, movement, and self-care.

MODULE 6 - Your Body Image Toolbox

Learn how to implement these strategies everyday for challenging negative self-talk, taking your thoughts captive, and seeing your body in a more positive light.

*BONUS MODULE* - I Like to Move It, Move It.

Take a peak at some ways to start finding JOY in the way you move your body.


With Beyond Your Body you'll...

Increase your confidence

You'll discover where and how to cultivate confidence, regardless of body shape or size.

Take back your time

Instead of spending HOUR upon HOUR thinking negatively about your body or trying on everything in your closet, you'll be able to steward your body well, even if you don't fully love it yet.

Up your self-care game

Self-care isn't just about manicures and bubble baths.  By the end of this course, you'll understand the value of implementing intentional ways to care for your body, soul, and spirit.

Rewire & reframe your thoughts

You'll have the know-how and confidence to challenge negative self-talk and intrusive body image thoughts so that you're no longer distracted from being present with friends and family.

My transformational promise to you...

When you complete the Beyond Your Body mini course, you’ll discover how to achieve freedom from negative body image so you can finally stop obsessing over your perceived imperfections and start enjoying life again!

Your Investment

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  • 6 self-paced core content modules with video teachings from Brittany ($498)
  • Practical implementation tools and downloadable resources to fast track your body image journey ($450+)
  • BONUS - An extra module to help you begin incorporating joyful movement ($97)
  • BONUS - On-demand guest expert interviews ($197)
  • BONUS - Lifetime access to course content PLUS all future upgrades ($397+)

That's a value of over $1600!


🤔 FAQs

Hey, I'm Brittany.

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a passion for helping Christian women discover their God-given worth and value. I believe that a person’s identity cannot be based on his or her appearance or abilities, but can only be found in the Lord.

I absolutely love working with women to help them improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Unlike other approaches that only focus on food-related habits, I help my clients replace negative beliefs with spiritual truth to rediscover their God-given identity so they can stop obsessing about how they look or what they eat.

The truth is, breaking free from disordered eating and negative body image can be incredibly challenging. And if you don't have the accountability and support you need, your recovery journey can take months or even years longer to walk out.

That's why I'm so excited for you to experience the Beyond Your Body mini course, so you can overcome the Enemy's lies and rediscover your true worth and value in Christ.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Your coach,

Get the tools & strategies you need to stop obsessing about your weight , and start living again!

You deserve to live your life and feel good in your body.  Why not start now?!